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Updated January 28, 2018

Once Upon a Time in the City of New York ...

a dream was born. 

A dream that still lives today

Welcome to CABB, The Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast.  This site features information about the Beauty and the Beast television series, fanfiction, artwork, and other creative efforts inspired by the show, and ways that you can interact with the fandom and become a part of the community.  

CBS aired the pilot episode of Beauty and the Beast, starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, on September 25, 1987.   This reimagining of the classic fairy tale immediately won the hearts of viewers, many of whom remain dedicated fans today.  Since it's original airing, long-time followers as well as newcomers just now discovering the show for the first time keep the dream alive by holding the show's theme of love and hope close to their hearts. 

This site is dedicated to the Classic Beauty and the Beast fandom.  Classic fans are those who prefer to ignore the events of the show's third season in favor of a universe in which Vincent and Catherine are still together and the dream continues ....




What's New on CABB?

The ways change ...

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Submitting To CABB

Fans are encouraged to submit stories, art, and other materials to CABB and Tunnel Tales. 

Stories submitted to Tunnel Tales should be Classic (no third season, please) and rated G, PG, or a mild R.  Authors are welcome to send new stories as well as those that have previously appeared elsewhere online or in print.  Email your submissions to Tunnel Tales.  

Steamier Stories have their own home in the Steam Tunnels.  Please send Steam Tunnels submissions to Krista

If you have art or anything else you would like to share, please send it to CABB.


We're below the city, below the subways ...

The tunnels

  There is a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don't even know exists.
There are no maps to where we are ....

Well, there are no maps here either, but the links below will help you find your way through
CABB's tunnels and chambers.


Episode Guide

A guide to Seasons One and Two, with illustrations from Sandy "Chandler" Shelton, Clare Sieffert, Sandy Tew, and Lynn Wright.


The place for lots of Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction.  There's lots of reading to do here, so pull up a nice big comfy chair ...

picture of a bell
Need help?
Ring the bell!

Episode Chat

 Join the
Beauty and the Beast Classic Episode Chat every Sunday. 

How to join? HERE


Steamy Beauty and the Beast fanfiction and art that's just for adults.

Logos From
the Past

Past logos for CABB, Tunnel Tales, The Update, The Steam Tunnels, and various holidays.

Literary and Musical References

Beauty and the Beast musical and literary references, separated by episode.

the way it might have been

A collection of episode expansions

"I Remember"   

Fans' memories of their first encounter with Beauty and the Beast, and/or how it changed their lives.

The New York City Sights of Beauty and the Beast
a guide to places related to the show

The Stacks

Here you'll find the
complete text of many of Vincent and Catherine's favorite books and poems.

The Beauty and the Beast Reading Chamber

Another site with a wealth of good fiction:  The BBRC

The Bench
in Central Park

Our Bench
 in Central Park.
The bench is now a reality!

The Photo Gallery

You don't need to ask permission to use the pictures in the Photo Gallery.  They're  there for the use of the fans.

B&B Land

A land south of Oz and north of Shangri-La, where our fandom and its activities are featured.


For Videos, go to
or take a look at these on YouTube.

The Work of Hands

Things of beauty from creative fans. We'd like to see your project; send it to CABB

The Beauty and the Beast Memorabilia Museum

The Treasure Chambers

Two sites devoted to sharing Beauty and the Beast memorabilia, original costumes, and fan made objects.

The Art Gallery

Fan created Beauty and the Beast arts.

Share your talents, send your artwork to CABB!

Letters to Catherine

Here you'll find the complete text of Vincent's letters to Catherine, and directions for getting the audio files.


For fan fiction about Ron's other roles, such as Josiah from "Magnificent 7," or Frank from "Primal Force," or Johner from "Alien Resurrection."

The Classifieds

Something to sell?  Or looking for a gift for a fan?  This is the palce.

Fun Stuff

Just foolishness

The Perlman Pages

If your interest leans toward the creator of the Beast, RON PERLMAN, you'll want to discover the Perlman Pages.


Two unaired scripts here, plus more scripts at the Scripts and Transcriptions Project.

Writer's Workshop

Writing tips from
 two of our best writers

Linda Hamilton

This is a MySpace page with many pictures and interesting facts about Linda

And this Facebook page, also with much about Linda.


The straight dope from
those who know


We'd like to see yours.
Send it to

A Beauty and the Beast Fanfiction
Lending Library

The Crystal Rose Lending Library has an extraordinary collection of printed fanfiction available for borrowing.

Visit the Library website for more information

Our Family Album

Pictures of the people you'll be talking to in the discussion groups.

We are all part of one another.  One family ... one community.

Join us ...





Episode Chat

Chat with fans from around the world while you watch an episode.  Join the Episode Chat every Sunday, starting at 4:00pm e.s.t 

How to join? HERE

 Zine Reading Chat

The zine reading chat meets on Skype every Saturday at 9pm c.s.t.

Click here for more info.

The Fandom-Wide Projects

We hope that everyone will get involved in one or more of these projects - "How to" is included

Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Museum Project

Finding "Lost" Fan Fiction Writers and Artists

Convention History Project

"We Are Part of Each Other"

Winterfest Online

Script and Transcription Project -
 See the website HERE





Winterfest Online

Each year, around January or February, fans from all over the globe come together online for a virtual Winterfest Celebration.  Come join the fun!

The Con

Each summer, Beauty and the Beast fans gather for an annual convention, affectionately known as "the Con."  It's a fun time with a family reunion feeling.

Tell me ....

Share your thoughts with us in a discussion group.

The Yahoo BATB Groups--
they're the place to be!

Of course, the original B&B place to be is the
Discussion of the 1987 TV show Beauty and the Beast

Now there's
The Tunnel Family
For those who want to chat
about any subject known to man.

Sign up for CABB's B&B
 Episode Discussion Group

 GREAT episode discussions!  Join in the fun!

Got a favorite fanfic? Try
 I Recommend...
Recommend your favorite B&B fanfic. Remember: if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. You may also advertise, review, & sell your zines. Be sure to state if they're G, PG, R or X and whether they contain any  3rd season.

The Gutter Coffee Shop
 "Welcome to this little hole in the ground, where tunnel dwellers and visitors alike can splash in the gutter to their hearts' content! LOL!" Be warned, there may be reference to third season.

If you'd like to have your BATB discussion group listed, contact CABB at


Comments, questions, contributions, or artwork for The Perlman Pages should be sent to Pat Questions about the CABB site itself should be sent to CABB Comments, questions, or to submit a story to Tunnel Tales, contact Tunnel Tales Comments or questions for The Steam Tunnels should be sent to  Lynn


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