Images of Vincent and Catherine looking thoughtful, and the text "It was you I was looking fo in all those faces, Always you I was looking for when I closed my eyes." Text credited to Carrie Newcomer.
September 25, 2016 Anniversary graphic by Carole W.
You can download a full-size version at her Imagine That blog


The CABB Update

August 13, 2017


  Share your love of Beauty and the Beast with the BatB community - submit your stories, art, and other creative endeavors to CABB.  Or, if your creations are of a steamy nature, send them to Krista at The Steam Tunnels.

The Fandom-Wide Projects

Join the
Episode Chat

every Sunday. 

How to join?
More info here


Join the Zine Reading Chat

The Zine Reading Chat meets on Skype every Saturday at 9:00pm c.s.t.
Click here for more information.

 We hope that everyone will get involved in one or more of these projects - "How to" is included

Beauty and the Beast Museum Project

Finding "Lost" Fan Fiction Writers and Artists

Convention History Project
"We Are Part of Each Other"

Winterfest Online

Script and Transcription Project
 See the website here

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Where to find Linda & Ron on US TV this month

 Where to find  Linda & Ron on UK TV  this month 


 Ring the Bell




Online copy of this week's CABB Update email



Tunnel Tales

New this week:

Plastic Surgeon by Linda White

Vincent's Path to Father by Steven Thurlow

One Moonlit Night and Winds of Change by Sharon Holtz


Links to stories available on Tunnel Tales

The Steam Tunnels

(Adult Fanfiction)


Nothing new for this update



Fans who have written R-rated Classic fanfic or art are urged to consider submitting their works for posting on TST. If you've written something for WFOL or a conzine and it doesn't have a home yet on one of our fandom's fanfic archives, please consider sending it to TST. If you have written a steamy story that hasn't been shared anywhere yet and you'd like it to appear on TST, we'd love that, too! Please send your edited, finished stories or art to Krista at We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Crystal Rose Lending Library


Visit the Library website for information about the many zines available for lending


Love BATB fan fic? There are over 850 zines in the Crystal Rose Lending Library Collection available to borrow (if you're in the USA). Drop in for a visit, sign up if you haven't already, and dive into story heaven! 

AND - If you're looking to begin or expand your *personal* fan zine collection, here's your chance! Thanks to some recent acquisitions and a few generous donors, new titles have been added to the surplus zine list. They're priced to include shipping in the USA (overseas orders accepted, but must include the additional postage costs). Proceeds go toward the purchase of non-donated items and to offset the costs of the service and website. 

There's a Wish List too, a list of zines we're looking for. Maybe you could help!

See the latest news, including details about the surplus zine sale here.

The Perlman Pages 

The Perlman Pages now reside at the Treasure Chambers website

Please visit for updates


Monthly Creative Challenges


The Treasure Chambers  

The Beauty and the Beast (original TV series)
Museum Project

The Treasure Chambers has an online newsletter page, revised every Thursday.


We are always seeking pictures of any and all series costumes and props, as well as B&B memorabilia (decor, artwork, photos, documents, scripts, and hand-crafted items). We like as much information as possible on an item, including their history, size, materials, etc. We will attempt to identify items if the owner is not sure of their origin.

Owners may use an alias when the item is posted in the Museum, if they wish.  If the costumes, or any other items are available for loan to conventions, for sale, or displayed permanently - we would be happy to include this information. If you are willing to be contacted about your items, please state the email address you prefer to use.         

All pictures and info are cataloged and displayed in the B&B Treasure Chambers Museum -

All pictures and information are received in confidence and will be confirmed.

For more information, or to send information, please contact and please put 'museum project' in the subject line. 

Many thanks,
B&B Museum Project


Both The Beauty and the Beast Reading Chamber
and Marina's Beauty and the Beast Site

have lots of good fanfic,
and new ones are added occasionally.




Here are the Yahoo BATB Groups--
they're the place to be!

Of course, the original B&B place to be is the
Discussion of the 1987 TV show Beauty and the Beast, (first two seasons ONLY) .

Now there's
The Tunnel Family
For those who want to chat about any subject known to man.

Sign up for the B&B
Episode Discussion Group
 GREAT episode discussions!  Join in the fun! 

Got a favorite fanfic? Try
I Recommend...
Recommend your favorite B&B fanfic. Remember: if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. You may also advertise, review, & sell your zines. Be sure to state if they're G, PG, R or X and whether they contain any  3rd season.

 The Gutter Coffee Shop
 "Welcome to this little hole in the ground, where tunnel dwellers and visitors alike can splash in the gutter to their hearts' content! LOL!"  Be warned, there may be reference to third season.

If you'd like to have your BATB discussion group listed, contact CABB


Comments, questions, contributions, or artwork for The Perlman Pages should be sent to Pat Questions about the CABB site itself should be sent to CABB Comments, questions, or to submit a story to Tunnel Tales, contact CABB Comments or questions for The Steam Tunnels should be sent to  Lynn


Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman
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This web ring is owned by CABB


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