Cyndi (radcliffe)


S/N Radcliffe (for obvious reasons).  My real name is Cynthia but everyone calls me Cyndi.  I have one friend that calls me Penny Parker. (Another S/N I used to use in the AOL chat rooms.).

Where you live  Everett, MA - just a touch north of Boston

Your approximate age 48

What you do for a living  Pension analyst

Your marital status  Single

Your children and/or pets  A 16 y/o son - Shane and a y/o Bichon - Lucky

Your hobbies and/or passions (besides BATB - that goes without saying!)  I like to read, I have been playing around with writing a romance for 2 years - it gets dusted off every spring when I can go sit in the park at lunch time, then put away again in the fall.  I took art courses in Community College and had considered art therapy for autistic kids as a career when I was young.  But Mom died so I had to support myself.   I still love all things creative.

Most of my spare time is spent in front of this monitor or hangin' on the porch with my neighbors.

Note  Cyndi asked that we warn you that the picture above is the same age as BATB.  She has changed, er, slightly since then.