Joan Stephens

 A few words about myself. 

I grew up in Michigan; graduated from Michigan State College; lived in New york City for about four years; moved back home; got married to Chuck Stephens; had three kids:Leslie, Jeff, and Mark; went hunting in Wyoming and fell in love with the state; moved to Recluse, WY in 1973; sadly left Wyoming in 1986 to care for my parents; moved to North Dakota 1993; And finally back to Gillette, Wyoming in 2002.  Now I'm home living with my son, Mark; my husband passed away in 2004.  

I don't remember too much about BatB when it was first aired.  I know I watched it when I could, but being involved with the care of my parents, a job, and sorority, I didn't get to watch it a lot.  I finally got to see all of it while living in ND.  WGN-Chicago aired it, I taped every episode, and when my son bought a computer I hunted for and found bbtv and TD.   

The way the series ended prompted me to do something I thought I never would do: write a story to set it right, "But Turned Aside to Sleep."  Terri Milliman who was moderator at the time liked and published it even though at the time CABB was considered totally classic.   

 I love vampire stories, the Outlander series, historical novels, old movies, and dachshunds.