My full name is Maria Virginia (though in English it might sound like a strange combination); I'm 31 and I live in Paraguay, a small country in South America.

Currently I work at a social research institution, mainly doing (but among other things) edition and/or translation of articles, courses and the like. When I miss my teacher days or I need to relax, there's always a little choir to teach.

I'm single, no children or pets, but I have two nine-year-old nephews to make up for it.
Singing is my second big passion besides BATB, followed by reading, listening to almost any kind of music, learning Italian, improving my few computer skills, spoiling my nephews and going out for a nice cappuccino with friends. And of course, all the fandom's activities, from Winterfest Online to the yahoo groups and the BATB sites and the Sunday episode chats, highlight of my week.
I've been in love with BATB ever since I saw the promo and it first aired here, on September 2nd, 1988, but I never expected the huge impact this fandom made in my life when I found it, in July of 2005.