Amber Osborne


My name is Amber Nicole Osborne (ozzygurl2008). I live in a small town located in Southwest Virginia, USA. I'm 18, not married and no kids. I'm currently working as a waitress at a little bed and breakfast down the road from my house. I love travel, foreign languages, reading and writing, acting, singing, poetry, and photography.  I have a cat named Belle and a maltese named Rolly.  I love being with my friends and spoiling my little brother rotten.
My mom introduced me to B&B when I was really little. While she was pregnant with me she'd listen to her OLAH tape until she fell asleep. I guess I was born a "tunnel baby". After I watched a VHS of the show when I was younger, years passed and I had forgotten until she came home with season 1. From then on I was hooked. In the B&B fandom, I have made some of the best friends of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Winterfest Online, and I can't wait for others to come. Our sunday chats are always something I look forward to each week. I also love reading and writing fanfics for the show. I've only been here a year, but it already feels like home.