Andrea Garner

This is a picture of me and my awesome niece and buddy, Maxie, who is just the coolest little kid you'll ever meet.  

My name is Andrea, I'm 20 years old, and I live in Florida. I work at Barnes and Noble as a bookseller, which is a job I absolutely love, since I'm a bookaholic. I don't even mind when they dress me up in a Clifford costume for story time or make  me sing the hokey pokey for little kids.

I have a huge and silly dog named Bruce Wayne, and a very temperamental and sometimes violent, yet I love her anyway, cat named Isis.  

I got hooked on BATB last year when my mom took me shopping for my 19th birthday. I love Beauty and the Beast anything, the Disney movie, books, so when I saw the cover I thought it looked interesting, and my mom remembered the show so she bought it for me. I was hopelessly addicted before the end of the first episode! I love the characters more than anything else, they're so captivating, you can almost believe that Vincent is living below New York!   

My interests, other than the show, are reading (as I've already  said, bookaholic), and also just collecting the books, drawing, playing piano, general mayhem with my friends, playing with my niece, Maxie, and most of all writing. I've written a teen fantasy called Riding Dragons that I'm currently trying to get published. I've also written a BATB fanfic, published on CABB called Worth a Thousand Words, and am working on another, which is a crossover with the cartoon Gargoyles