Diane Kenny

I grew up in New Jersey but have lived in Texas since 1970. I have both a Jersey accent and a southern drawl. (thank heavens I don't sing for a living!)

 My husband and I have been married for 30 years. We have 2 children but only one is still at home; the 18 year old boy. Our daughter got married and moved out over 3 years ago.

I've been a BatB fan since the show premiered in 1987 but didn't find fandom till 1999. For many years I was very active online both with CABB and BBTV but health issues have interfered my online time in recent years. I made very first online friend thought CABB and BatB (I'm waving Lynn!). This fandom has the nicest, smartest and most talented people gathered together anywhere.

Besides BatB I've have a very mixed bag of interests. I love to read and my tastes very with my moods.  Sometimes I read classics (like Dickens, Hilton, Jane Austen and the Brontes). I'm also hooked on some very old and corny romances by Ethel M. Dell all written in the early 1900's. After Ms. Dell I have a real love of Georgette Heyer books that are set in Regency England; these stories are both funny and romantic. I've read all the Harry Potter books several times and drove everyone nuts wanting to discuss each book. Now I'm reading the 'Twilight' series by Stephanie Meyer (yes I know I'm too old for them).

Oh hell I can't stop thinking of Authors I love so I think I should stop that now.

Old movies are also an interest of mine I have a real passion for anything made in the 1930 or 40's.