My name is Jamie, also known as Myhr, screen name myhr99…once a mild-mannered tv film editor from Omaha, I got interested in prosthetic makeup effects, created a lionman character, and started emceeing at scifi conventions in '92...also learned how to paint with an airbrush in '92.   I went to my first BatB con in '93 {Austin} as an attendee…the con needed a hand in a few things, I jumped in to help, and wound up hanging out at 14 BatB cons after that in the US and the UK. 

With regular jobs, art projects, and emcee gigs, I was working roughly 80 hour weeks throughout the 90s. Eventually feeling severe burnout, in 2001 I retired from cons, quit painting, cut back on projects, in essence became a normal person {or "mundane" in scifi parlance}.  Now with some free time, I've gotten back into a lifetime passion, photography, and spend most of my free time living in Photoshop.

In early 2005 was diagnosed with kidney cancer, they yanked out the kidney with the apple-sized tumor, and so far there's been no recurrence.  In late 2005 I reconnected with an old flame {we dated in 1972-73} and we're still going strong…as I write this, JoEllen and I are to be married in August '08, and I'm moving from the heat of Texas to the cold of New Hampshire.  I miss my extended family in BatB and am glad to share in this album!

Anyone can drop me a note at myhr99@yahoo.com or http://www.facebook.com/myhr99 .