Laura G.


 I'm an insanely happy mom, wife, teacher, student, technophile, realist, storyteller and published poet. I love my job so much that I often marvel that someone pays me to have that much fun. I love words and literature in any language. My favorite word is pedantic because if you know what it means, you are it. Or maybe it's schadenfreude. It's so hard to choose between those two!

Random facts about me: I was once attacked by a swan.  I adore my husband more than anything extent (even though, or perhaps because, he stood there laughing while I was attacked by the aforementioned swan  (AND we were on our honeymoon at the time!)  I collect dead people in my spare time (i.e., my hobby is genealogy). I anthropomorphize my pets way too much. I am pretty much tone deaf, love the sound of crunchy autumn leaves, and cry at the cheesiest stuff. I have a weakness for Cecil B DeMille style biblical epics and still want a pony when I grow up.  

I adore traveling and will go just about anywhere. Every summer, my teenage daughter and I take a vacation someplace together, just me and her. It's our thing. She still thinks I'm cool enough to want to take vacations with just me - and that is the greatest feeling I can think of!