Leanne Wilkins

My name is Leanne Wilkins. I am 38, divorced with a 13 year old daughter called Paige. She is an amazing human being and my best friend.

I have a cat called Ezzie she is 18 human years old (not sure what that is in cat years) and very fluffy.

I fell in love with BATB when it first came out and have been enjoying the reruns on sky. The fan world however is all brand new to me and I am enjoying every bit of it.

My other main Hobby is amateur dramatics, which my daughter is also involved in. It's lovely to be able to go back to that childhood place and be able to dress up and pretend to be someone else for a while.

I Love books not just to read but to look and touch and be in a room full of them. My favourite type of book is horror. I love James Herbert, Robbert McCammon and Dean Koontz.

Other TV shows I like include Buffy, Angel and Scrubs.