Lynn Wright

Sue's 85 lb drum. One thing about Florida, the fishing's good.

, The bottle rocket      Max,  half breed, but loved      Toby, the  patriarch         

Little Orphan Annie                   Gray                         R red  

I’m Lynn Wright. I live in Jacksonville, Florida at present, but I’m from Minneapolis Minnesota.  I love the winters here in Florida


I’m 77 years old, retired, I live with my daughter Sue, three pugs and three cats.   Since I’m retired, I have nothing to do except play with my computer.  Housework isn’t much of a problem, I just don’t do any more of it than I can help.  Never have been a housekeeper.  I wash clothes, cook and do dishes.  Takes about 1 hour a day, and that’s the way I like it.


 I read, a lot.  Mostly fiction, and most of that is science fiction or fantasy.  Some time ago we decided that cable was just costing too much, so we quit television cold turkey.  And surprisingly, we haven’t missed it.  The library is a great substitute for TV, both books and DVD’s.


I craft.  Boy do I craft.  Iíve got more jewelry than any four persons need, and I donít wear jewelry. Duh.  Well, itís fun to make.


I garden a little bit, but my knees donít allow kneeling any more, so Iíve had to give most of it up. Try planting flowers while bending from the waist!


 Mostly I just do the computer.  Write fiction, draw, do photo montages, keep the web sites looking new once in a while.  I donít know how I lived before I had a computer.


 Don’t let anyone tell you that retirement is boring.  I’ve never had a better time.