Rebecca Board

Name:  Becky Board
Screen Name:  BeccaBoard
Reside in Illinois
Age is 57, born 10-7-1952
Work:  Housewife
Marital Status:  Married to Roger Board
Children:  One daughter, Kathryn Wildrick, age 36, one step son, Jacob Board, age 18, three grand daughters and one grandson due in Sept.  of this year
Pets:  Four dogs, Blue, a beagle, BooBoo, a basset hound, Buttercup, an akita, and Basil, a basset hound.  My husband and I are passionate about rescuing and finding good homes for stray dogs.  We have been successful with every stray we have found.
I also have three birds, a nanday conure, quacker parrot, and a cockatiel, and a ball python named Sneakers. 
I love to read, garden, make jewelry and do counted cross stitch.