Rosemarie Salvatore



My name is Rosemarie Salvatore and my screen name is Radcliffe052002. I have always lived in North Eastern New Jersey and love going to New York City to explore whenever I can.  I also love the Jersey Shore.  That’s one of the best things about living in New Jersey – it’s the best of many worlds – you don’t have to choose.

I have worked in insurance for many years.  It was very boring and I didn’t like it, but it was a very convenient location and hours and I was focused on going to school.  I got my BA in English in 2007 at the age of 40.  Since then I have worked in publishing.  I do love reading and writing and thought that I was in the right field for a time.  However, I have been laid off twice in recent years and am now thinking about going back to school for a master’s degree and a third career.  I think I have realized that it’s about the journey, not the destination.  I have loved school and loved to learn since I was a child and may never actually figure out what I what to be when I grow up.

I found B&B with the airing of the very first episode in September of 1987 and it changed my life forever.  I was very shy and my family did not encourage creativity at all.  Beauty & the Beast helped to bring me out of myself.  I was inspired to try things I would never have dared before.  It was truly a spiritual and creative awakening for me.  Although, I have always been a spiritual person to a certain extent and enjoy exploring various spiritual practices such as meditation, art journaling, regular journaling and being a volunteer reader at my church. 

Since B&B was such an awakening for me and I identified with Catherine so much, the third season was equally as devastating as the first two had been uplifting.  I discovered B&B Fandom in the early 90s after the show had been cancelled and Fandom has also been a blessing in my life.  I have been to all but the very first convention in Las Vegas 1990, and I had the honor of organizing the 2008 convention here in NJ and NY.  It has been a wonderful and wild ride with the best people in the whole world!    Without B&B, I most likely would not have known that I love to travel as much as I do.

Other interests include paper crafts like card making and scrapbooking, other sci-fi/fantasy TV shows like Start Trek: TNG, Quantum Leap, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time and many others.  I am a huge fan of all things Disney, especially their animated movies, and most especially, their version B&B.  In fact, I collect any version of B&B that I might come across.  I love that the story is so old and versatile.  I love to compare and contrast all versions of the story with our Vincent & Catherine version.  I find doing this a fascinating exercise – even if I know going in that our version will, of course, always be the best.