Sharon Price

I am Sharon Price, and I live in Centralia, Washington about 80 miles South of Seattle, WA and about 80 miles North of Portland, Oregon.  That's how the area here earned the name Centralia (formerly Centerville).
My birthdate is March 10, 1952.  With this info one is able to decipher my age for one's self.
I have been in a steady relationship for 16+ years now,and he and I are still comfortable with each other.  I was married for 20 years before this relationship and choose not to remarry!  Luckily my partner feels the same.
I have 3 grown children and currently 4 grandchildren.
I have been working for the Centralia School District for 19 years now.  Presently I am the playground supervisor and a Reading Tutor.  Often I am called in for emergency child counselling and Spanish translating.  It is very interesting and satisfying guiding Kindergarten thru 3rd grade students in an elementary school with a population of 400+ students most of the time.  Perhaps I could consider that a passion of mine outside of BATB
I had a 10 year stint of running Karaoke shows from 1992 - 2002 as well as working for the school district, but got weary and the life style just did not suit me.  Gave it up without a second thought!
I have been a serious fan of BATB since its debut in Sept. l987.  Most of the positive aspects of my life since that night of the show's premier I attribute to its inspiration.
I like to read.  I love all kinds of music and I love to dance.  Walking and bike riding are pretty high on my like list as well.  I love my family and friends and especially treasure sharing with the BATB fan friends.