The Art of Sandy Tew
Beauty and the Beast Calendars

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2004 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew
2005 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew
RATED PG13 - 2005 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew


2006 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew
2007 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew - 20th Anniversary Scrapbook
2008 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew - This Is The Creature
2009 BatB Calenday by Sandy Tew - It's You I Have Loved
2010 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew - Whn You Say Nothing At All
2011 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew - The Music of the Night
2012 BatB Calenday by Sandy Tew - All I Ask Of You
2013 BatB Calenday by Sandy Tew - Just to Find My Way to You
2014 BatB Calenday by Sandy Tew - When You Come Back Down
2016 BatB Calendar by Sandy Tew - Unchained Melody


From the artist:

I fell in love with B&B even before the first episode. The commercials got me hooked. My 4 kids, 4 to 11 years old at the time, all knew Mom was “not available” Friday nights. During most of the first season, my husband was unexpectedly unemployed. Having the show to look forward to each week got me through a very hard time.

I found myself compulsively thinking of the show and cut every ad or article about it from the TV Guide each week. I was embarrassed about this and hid it from my family for fear of being teased. Around the end of the show’s 3rd Season, I found an ad for the International Fan Club in Woman’s Day Magazine. I hung onto it for a few months thinking it was silly to join a fan club, plus the $10 or $15 it cost was a lot of money to us at the time. Finally I sent it in about the time the club folded. I did receive a few newsletters and discovered fanzines. I hadn’t drawn in years due to raising kids, but learning you could get contributor’s copies if a fanzine editor accepted your art, I picked up my pencils again.

They say draw or paint what you love, and it was a wonderful thing to hone my drawing skills with Vincent and Catherine. My first published pieces were pretty rough – as one zine critic put it, “unpolished but heartfelt”. LOL.  I bought drawing books and sought advice from several zine editors.  I really can’t say how many zines include my art – I never kept a list. The number is nothing close to our beloved Chan, but maybe a hundred or so. Just a wild guess. I do know, though, that I’ve done several hundred drawings.

There’s so much more to my own story of being in our B&B family, and I know all of us have stories of how we found fandom and how we’ve benefitted. Who’d of thought a TV show would bring such magic into our lives! May our Family live on forever. Love to you all.



From CABB:

To read a delightful interview with the artist, visit: WFOL 2009.

And here’s a list of just a few of the fanzines that feature Sandy’s art, all available through the Crystal Rose Lending Library:

Beauty at the Beach: To See the World in a Grain of Sand
Beyond Dreams
Catherine and Vincent’s Excellent Adventure
Daydreams and Fantasies
A Distant Shore
The First Time I Love Forever
I Am the Dream
A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited
A Life Without Limits
Once More, With Feeling
Once Upon a Dream
Once Upon a Time in the City of New York … A Homecoming
Remember the Magic
Within the Crystal Rose

Note: A very special thank you to Sandy Tew for agreeing to share her art here and to Carole W for volunteering to create these pages for CABB. I'm grateful for everything both of you do for the Beauty and the Beast fandom. ~ SandyX