BBTV's Classic Round Robin


A ten-chapter, ten-author round robin story created by members of the BBTV Yahoo Group for WFOL 2017.

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BBTV is a Classic Beauty and the Beast discussion forum hosted at Yahoo Groups.

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The Chapters

Chapter One by ChicagoTunnelKid, JoAnn Baca, and Cindy Rae

Chapter Two by Janet Rivenbark

Chapter Three by CB McWhorter

Chapter Four by Olivia K. Goode

Chapter Five by Kathy De

Chapter Six by Alyssa G.

Chapter Seven by Catherine e.

Chapter Eight by ChicagoTunnelKid

Chapter Nine by Barbara Handsy Anderson

Chapter Ten by Cindy Rae


Stay tuned ...

A new chapter will be released each day of WFOL.


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