Thank you so much to ChicagoTunnelKid, Lynette5168, JoAnn Baca, Olivia K Goode, Crowmama, and Carole W for participating in this project. Plus, big thank yous to JoAnn Baca for the New Year's prompt, Carole W for the header graphic, and Linda S for wrangling the submissions. Your wonderful, generous contributions have provided a very happy start to the new year :-)


Vincent’s New Years Resolutions by ChicagoTunnelKid

Vincent’s New Year’s Resolutions by ChicagoTunnelKid   The wind whipped through the streets of New York City with abandon. Catherine pulled her hood together with one hand and held onto her satchel with the other. She didn’t have far to go and was soon gratefully pushing open the door of her apartment building. “Hi, George!Read more

Be It Resolved … by JoAnn Baca

BE IT RESOLVED…. By JoAnn Baca   Whereas the Council was instituted to determine matters of import to the entire community; Whereas the workload of the Council has grown in complexity and volume in the years since its numbers were established at five; and Whereas the Council has determined that additional members are needed toRead more

The Auld Lang Syne Jar by Olivia K Goode

The Auld Lang Syne Jar Olivia K. Goode   “Happy New Year, Catherine!” Eric exclaimed as his rush across the Great Hall ended in a collision with her and a rib-cracking hug.” I’m glad you got here. You’re just in time. We haven’t opened the jar yet.” “The jar?” she asked. “What jar is that,Read more

Resolute by Crowmama

Resolute by Crowmama   Resolute. The word echoed through his mind with each step on that first January morning as he followed the usual group of children, with one added to their number. That’s what Jamie is, or at least is trying to be – brave, strong, and resolute. Vincent walked the long journey fromRead more

Mary’s New Year Eve by ChicagoTunnelKid

Mary’s New Year Eve by ChicagoTunnelKid   Mary wandered her chamber, slowly moving about, handling mementos, touching surfaces, renewing her treasures. Each item was a piece of her history. The “paperweight” Jamie had made at the age of 5 from a lump of coal, not knowing that a trail of black dust would alight anyRead more

On the Eve of the New Year by Carole W

On the Eve of the New Year by Carole W   A yellow legal pad before her, Catherine sat at her dining room table facing the french doors she’d left just unlatched. The sheers were pushed to either side and in the dark glass she could see the reflection of her anticipation – the fireplaceRead more