Sadly, 2017 was the year in which we lost Roy Dotrice, the wonderful actor and gentleman who brought us the character of Father on Beauty and the Beast. In honor of Roy Dotrice, CABB asked members of the BatB fandom to share newly-created stories, poetry, and art featuring Father, and asked also that fans share their memories and photos of Mr. Dotrice. The results of this effort, which we've named "The Father Project" can be found here. I offer a huge Thank You to all of the project participants for sharing your talents, memories, and love of the man we knew as Father. ~SandyX

A Message from David Greenlee

Some of the things that bring Roy to my mind are Mozart and Shakespeare but also Cheech and Chong, for Roy had a long and varied career in which his talents always served the material well. A long joke well told reminds me of Roy, who could make a terrible joke wonderful by telling itRead more

My Memories of “Father” by JoAnn Baca

The very first time I saw Roy Dotrice in person was at the 2000 Beauty and the Beast fan-run convention, A Distant Shore II: Remember Love. That July weekend he was on vacation in Mexico with his beloved wife, Kay, but surprised us all when he flew in just for the banquet. He arrived, quiteRead more

Remembering Roy Dotrice by Linda S. Barth

Like all BatB fans, I was terribly sad to learn of the passing of our beloved “Father,” Roy Dotrice. I had been a fan of his for many years, dating back to his role in the British musical “Tom Brown’s School Days”, which I saw in the early ‘70’s during one of my first tripsRead more

Remembering Our Father by Heather M.

Last year for WFOL, I shared some artwork that I had done of Roy Dotrice as Father, as well as the story of meeting him when I was 16, at the first convention both he and I ever attended. I was delirious with joy and nerves at that strange and wonderful celebration in Denver, ColoradoRead more

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